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Here you will find all of our shop areas in which you can also visit us offline!


Here you will find everything about our consignment model and how you can earn money with Hypeneedz®.

Return portal

Would you like to send an order back to us? To make life a little easier for you, you can do the whole thing over our return portal!

Personal shopping

You don't find the shoe you want? Don't worry, our personal shopping service will find almost every article in the world for you;)


about us

Everything you always wanted to know about us.


How do we guarantee that your ordered items are really original? Here you will find an answer!

My data

What data did we save and process from you? More on this!

Click & Collect

Would you like to order an article and pick it up online? You can find everything here!

Payment methods

How can I pay my order? Don't worry, we have listed all the payment methods here.

Shipping Information

When does my package arrive, how much does it cost and with which service provider is it sent or which service provider should I choose? Everything about it!
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