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Yes and even with pleasure! We are at any time on the lookout for new items and will be happy to make you a offer for your products!

Currently we offer sales only through our Instagram account (@hypeneedz.wtb). Contact us here and send us some pictures of your article, as well as your asking price.

We are already working on selling you as easy as possible possible. Updates will follow shortly.

Yes! We also buy from private persons, contact us gladly!

Basically buy we buy everything that is limited mainly new and exclusive items. Sneakers we are currently looking forwe always post in our story (@hypeneedz.wtb)

As a rule, we answer within 24h to your request. However, the response time may vary depending on demand and also sometimes last longer. :/

If we do not give you answer you, there is currently no interest in your articles. Do not worry, we read every request! Since we have a business account, we have the ability to to accept or reject requests. So when you write us a message, we can see and read it, without that they are with you is marked as read. We read all requests, but only accept them if Interest in an article exists.

After we have have agreed on a price, we will leave you a delivery bill sent to you. This you please with the package and send it to the given address. As soon as we receive the item, it will be for authenticity checked, in our system and Online placed. Only after these processes we will pay you per Bank transfer.

As a rule, the process from the arrival of the goods to the payment takes 14 working days. We recommend you to check before the sale for the to ask about the waiting time. :)

Nounfortunately not at the moment! We are in the process of changing our internal to update and improvebut we do not have a suitable tool yet. Simply regularly update the check account and if you have any questions about your sale, feel free to contact to our customer support contact us.

Yesafter the sale is completed on our Instagram account (hypeneedz.wtb), you are welcome to post the item in any of our storesif you do not want to send the item to us by mail.

If you have a problem with your sale, you are welcome to contact or by phone at +49 8995459569 contact us.

If the package was sent by a shipping service provider is lost on the way to us, take over we the process and place an order with the respective shipping service provider. investigation request. They will investigate what happened to the package and why it was lost. This procedure can two to four months. After the investigation request is completed, we will be reimbursed for the value of the goods by the respective shipping service provider and transfer the outstanding amount to you the outstanding amount immediately.

We do not pay for the shipping of purchased goods. You bear the shipping to us!

If you work as company and not as a private individual, please let us know an invoice before receiving the package. As a small business you can not sell to us, except difference besteurt.

Yes, in special cases yes! We post regularly on our Instagram account (hypeneedz.wtb) Articles in our Story that we need. If you have the item you're looking for, you can simply add it to one of our stores and there the sale will be carried out.

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