Consignment - Sell through our platform

Consignment means as much as Commission. But what is it? Briefly explained: We sell your items through our website or our stores and receive in return a commission.

Our Provsion always depends on the number of articles, popularity, sales volume and other requirements. Feel free to contact us contact us, if you want to learn more.

You can get your items back from us at any time your items back from us at any time. Please write us a mail to, we will then prepare everything for the collection in a store area. Gladly we send you also your articles, here you must pay only the shipping, this is with 4,99€*.

*Price for 1kg for shipping within Germany. Per additional kilogram 1,50€ will be charged. Shipping outside Germany will be calculated individually.

We pay weekly the sales of the last week. If your item is sold online, we will not be able to pay it to you until 14 daysafter the customer has received it. Before each payout you will receive a statement to your specified e-mail address.

Unfortunately we can only do business withadult persons, so you must already have the 18. year of life have reached the age of 18.

Yes, unfortunately at the moment we can only accept people who have registered a business.

Currently we only accept people who have approx. 100 (or more) items per month and are interested in a longer cooperation.does this apply to you? Then apply at with your article inventory!

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