All atHYPENEEDZ offered items are guaranteednew andauthentic. Each item is checked by ourteam of experts before it is shipped to you.

We have amulti-level process by which we verify the originality of each item.guarantee of each item. All products come in their original packaging with all accessories and our signedAuthenticity Guaranteewhich confirms that the item has been inspected and shipped by us.

When youmore about our process learn you are welcome tohere here.

We hear this question very often. HYPENEEDZ does not work directly with manufacturers, we buy our goods from specialized dealers, private individuals or wholesalers.

Our goal is to make access to these products as easy secure and simple as possible for you. All items are checked by us individually selected, checked and then offered for sale. All products are new and 100% original.

We have a multi-stage authentication process developed, which each article passes through before it is shipped. During this process our experts especially the following characteristics: Labels, seams, packaging, material, accessories, smell and processing. Yes, genuine articles can also be recognized by the smell ;) We do all this in order to authenticity of your article guarantee to be able to.

Unfortunately we currently offer no service for the verification of products that not have been purchased on our website

Shipping & Delivery

Almost all items offered by us areavailable for immediate delivery and will be delivered within48 hours (working days) shipped. An exception is offered here only items that are marked accordingly.

We offer several shipping methods, e.g. DHL Standard, UPS Standard and UPS Express. At checkout you can easily choose one of these methods. Shipments to Germany & Austria are available from 150,00 €.free of charge. More information about shipping costs you will findhere.

Shipping to Germany & Austria is from 150,00 € free of charge. Should this limit be undercut, or be shipped to another country, fall the following shipping costs: (Click here for all shipping costs).

You can also calculate the shipping costs conveniently in your shopping cart.

In principle, express shipping is only worthwhile, if the articles cross national bordersIf you are located in Germany, you can recognize this by the addition (AT) in the shipping selection.

DHL as well as Post-AT normally deliver within the country in 1-2 business days, express shipping is only worthwhile here, if the item can be safely delivered to a certain time is needed.

For orders from more than one articles it can happen that you have to put your products in several packages received. Since we currently have three stores and one outside warehouse, it may happen that the items from several locations shipped from several locations.

For each partial delivery you will receive an e-mail with the tracking and further information about the delivery.

Due to our different locations, it may happen that items are shipped from Austria and from Germany be shipped.

Shipping from Austria usually takes maximum one business day longer than shipping from Germany. Normally shipping is with UPS standard equally fast.

Basically we deliver worldwide, as far as the political and geological situation allows. Currently we supply not to: Russia, Afghanistan

We ship from Germany and Austria, i.e. all countries in the EU must no tariffs pay. Customers outside the EU must pay customs duties according to their country regulations, these will be unfortunately not taken over by us.

Return & Cancellation

Yes! You can any item up to 14 days after receipt. So you can return your item at your leisure, risk-free and if you do not like it, simply send it back.

To make a smooth we kindly ask you to send your return via us. Return portal, which you can find at here.

As soon as you have registered your return, we will process it and send it back to you within within one business day an e-mail with the return instructions to be sent to you.

Once we receive your item, it usually takes 14 days maximumuntil we refund your money.

Please note: All items must be new and unworn. The original packaging must be undamaged and the item must be shipped in an extra shipping box. Try on is of course allowed ;)

You can cancel your order at short notice cancel your order before it has been shipped. Please call us for this purpose at +498995459569 call us!

The buyer assumes the costs incurred in the event of a return.

Why do we do this?

We always want to give you the most favorablepossible prices. If we would bear the shipping costs for return shipping costs, we would have to hit these on the sales price, which in our opinion is unfair for the people who are 100% sure about their order.

If there was a mistake in shipping from our side, take over we take the return shipping costs of course. ;)

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to return items purchased in our stores.


In the heart of Munich, five minutes walk from the Marienplatz, you will find us in the Sendlingerstraße 26a in 80331 Munich.

In the heart of Cologne, three minutes walk from the Cologne Cathedral, you will find us in the Hohe Str. 112 in 50667 Cologne

In the heart of Vienna, three minutes walk from the Stephansplatz, you will find us at the Rauhensteingasse 10 in 1010 Vienna.


Monday - Thursday / 12.00 h - 19.00 h
Friday & Saturday / 10.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.
Sundays and holidays / Unfortunately closed :(


Monday - Thursday / 11.00 h - 20.00 h
Friday & Saturday / 10.00 h - 20.00 h
Sundays and holidays / Unfortunately closed :(


Monday - Thursday / 12.00 h - 19.00 h
Friday / 10.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.
Saturday / 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
Sundays and holidays / Unfortunately closed :(

Yes! Just call our hotline at (+498995459569) and press the onethen select the store you want to be connected to.

In our stores we offer the following payment methods offered: Visa, V PAY, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Union Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay and cash payment.

Unfortunately you can no items directly to the sale. Please send us a message via Instagram to (@hypeneedz.wtb) to sell your items to us. As soon as we make a deal with you here sale with you here, you can also bring your items to our stores.


Currently we offer the following payment methods on: Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Credit Card, Sofortüberweisung (Klarna), Giropay, Klarna Installment Purchase, Klarna Invoice

With Klarna Installment Purchase, you can easily spread the cost of your purchase over up to 36 months.

This is how you buy with financing:

Select the installment purchase payment option at checkout. Choose your desired schedule and interest rate. Follow the steps to complete the application, you will receive an approval decision directly. Then complete your purchase.

Once we ship the order, you will receive an email from Klarna with your payment schedule.

Please note: If you choose the Klarna financing option,a credit check will be performed.

When do I pay?

That depends on your payment plan.

Once your purchase has been added to your deposit account, the amount will be at the end of each month month. If you have used the installment purchase option for a particular purchase, your first payment will be due one month after your order is processed and then monthly on the same date.

With theKlarna app you always have your payment plan and the next payments in view.

Good to know:

The effective debit interest rate for purchases is between 0 and 14.99 %. You can find detailed information about Klarna Installment Purchase in the Klarna TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

The principle is simple: From the invoice date you usually have 14 or 30 days timeto pay your invoice. You pay only when you receive the goods received. You shop relaxed, complete your order and try our articles in peace at home.

The invoice is enclosed in the package and sent with the goods. You can pay all your bills at any timehere or in theKlarna App view.

Good to know: You can at any timehere or in the Klarna app to find the payment date or payment information of your invoice. Easily check in the app if your payment has been received for your invoice. We recommend you to make all your payments directly in the Klarna app to avoid possible wrong transfers or reminders.

With Amazon Pay you can completely conveniently your purchases with the
in your Amazon deposited payment methods pay. Besides the pure
payment function, you can also save your purchases in your Amazon account.
and manage your purchases.

If you want to pay us with Amazon Payments and you have
already have an Amazon Pay account, you only need to do the following:

Select at checkout Amazon Payments log in with
your Amazon login data and select your desired payment method.
Then click on Pay. Amazon will make the payment for you and
your purchase is completed.

Learn more about paying with Amazon:

A payment can be made with any credit card on file with Amazon
or debit card on file with Amazon. Under certain circumstances, only the
Visa and Mastercard credit cards can be used.

According to each you will receive an email from Amazon Pay,
notifying you that your payment has been authorized.
You will then receive a confirmation of the order.

We will also send an invoice in the package.

You should also pay attention to this:

For payment can be no Amazon gift certificate used
be used. Should you be prompted to do so, it may be a phishing email
or similar.

You will never receive an email from us that will send you
to pay with an Amazon voucher.

For international payments Amazon Payments charges no fee. Your
credit card provider may charge fees, however.


To make a payment by credit card you have to choose the payment method Credit card at checkout.

Once you have clicked on pay, you will be redirected to our payment provider. "Mollie" redirected. Don't worry, you're in the right place.

If you pay by credit card you have to enter the credit card number, the Expiration date and the Card verification number specify. The card verification number is a 3-digit number, or in the case of AMEX a 4-digit number, which you on your credit card credit card. Here it is not your PIN, which you need to pay in offline stores.

Once you have entered this information, most credit cards will issue a two factor authentication will be requested. Here you usually get a SMS with a PIN, or you have received a PIN from your credit card provider. APPthrough which such a PIN can be generated.

Which method is used and whether the payment only needs to be confirmed or whether a PIN also needs to be entered depends on your credit card provider depends.

If you have problems at this point, contact please contact your credit card provider or us, we are happy to help you and know most credit card providers.

Once the confirmation is done, the money will be charged to your credit card. Do not be surprised, also here the name will be "Mollie" will be displayed by our payment provider.

You will then receive a confirmation from us by email.

Important information about credit card payment:

The credit card number, as well as the Expiration date and the Card verification number are very sensitive information, just by knowing these data can be any person under your name online under your name. Give this information under no circumstances to strangers pass on.

Important: We will never after your Credit card pinYou can ask for the credit card pin that you need to pay in offline stores.

Sofortüberweisung is a direct bank transferthat is linked to your online banking data works.

To be able to use the payment by Sofortüberweisung, you only need a Online banking access to your bank account. Then choose at checkout the payment method "IMMEDIATE from.

You choose your country and bank. Log with your Online banking data login. Some banks will send you an additional confirmation PIN to your smartphone, which you must use once to confirm your transaction. For this purpose, most banks use Push-TAN appswhich TAN can also be sent via SMS or otherwise be delivered to you. Important: This is a online TAN, not your offline PIN. As soon as the bank transfer was successful, we will receive a confirmation and you will receive your order confirmation within a very short time.

Good to know: Your money goes to a Dutch account from Klarnaso don't be surprised, they process the payment for us and forward the money afterwards. forward to us!

When paying with Sofortüberweisung no Bontiätsprüfung or the like is performed.

ATTENTION: GiroPay will not supported by all banks, if your bank does not support it, you can easily choose to pay via instant bank transfer payment. Basically it is the sameonly from a different provider. ;)

Giropay is a payment method for Online purchaseswhich is used by more than 1,500 banks and Savings Banks is supported. In principle, this is an online bank transfer that can be made directly via the online banking of your own bank or savings bank.

The use of giropay is free of charge, moreover no additional registration or login is necessary.

At checkout choose the payment method GiroPay at the checkout. You will then be redirected to GiroPay where you can enter your online banking access data. Afterwards you have to fill in a TAN which you will receive from your bank for each transaction. For this purpose most banks use Push TAN appswhich TAN can also be sent via SMS or otherwise delivered to you. Important: This is a online TAN, not your offline PIN. As soon as the bank transfer was successful, we will receive a confirmation and you will receive your order confirmation within a very short time.

When paying with Sofortüberweisung, no credit check or the like is performed.

In very very rare cases it may happen that your payment is debited twice from your account. Don't worry! This really happens very very rarelywhen our payment providers server problems have. 99.9% of payments go through without error. However, the payment provider resembles all payments on a daily basis and you get the overpaid money back. back automatically.

Especially with high amounts this is often painful, don't worry, contact us and we will be happy to help you, we will not leave you hanging. :)

We are working daily to improve our payment methods expand and improve them. Contact us and we will find a solutionhow you too can get to your new Sneaker come!

Item information

That can't be said in general, most of our articles, if not all, are for women or men. women and for men!

Best you orient yourself by the EU sizes, since these are do not differ, this can be done with US sizes may be different.

GS stands for Grade School (elementary school). But don't worry, that's just a thing from Nike. ;) Partly can GS also through "Y" can be replaced. At GS lists Nike all sizes under EU40. Some of the shoes are cut a little tighter, although the difference here is really so minimal that it is not must be observed.

You have a shoe size below EU40?

Then GS at Nike is right for you, no matter if you still go to elementary school or not! ;)

You have exactly shoe size EU40?

Often there are the shoes as GS variant and as normal variant. For both there is the shoe size EU40. should you wider feet have reach here to the normal variant, otherwise the GS variant.

About us & customer service

Our General customer service is available Monday - Friday from 10.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. for you there for you! You can reach us by phone at the following number +49899545956 and by e-mail at

Our stores you reach to their own opening hours under the same telephone number.

By e-mail and phone we can always help you in German and English are available. Other languages will follow shortly.

Telephone support


Monday - Friday

10.00 o'clock - 18.00 o'clock

E-mail support

We usually answer

within one business day.